Kellyanne Conway at Trump Tower









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Kellyanne Conway at Trump Tower

Kellyanne Conway speaking in Trump Tower lobby.

New York City, New York, United States

NBC News

Kellyanne Conway

Former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway speaks in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City.

I'm thrilled to have this position regardless of my gender but I think it's particularly compelling that Donald Trump has elevated a female yet again. He's been doing it in the Trump Corporation and the Trump campaign, the Trump cabinet for decades, frankly, and this is just a natural manifestation for him. He never really talks about my gender when he speaks with me and I appreciate that as well. At the same time, he's very aware of the many challenges facing Americans, but American women and Ivanka Trump has been such an important voice also about women in the workplace, women in this economy, women entrepreneurs. We can't feel good about the fact that millions of women are in poverty, millions of women lack health insurance. There's an office of women and girls at the white house and I will confer with Ivanka Trump and others who may have an interest in continuing that under the, under the reign of Donald Trump as our president, meaning what is a priority for him. I'm really happy that my 4 children and other people's children can say hey, you know, you can do it all with the support of a great boss and a great family. In the case of Donald Trump, I've seen him first hand with his children and grandchildren, with his wife and his 10 year old son. He's very pro-family and I feel very confident that the respect level he has for me as a mother will continue in the white house.

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