HD SD NY-20170120-D194 POOL Trump Inauguration Crowd  VIP Arrivals Oath Speech Switch 1040-1217 FEED







29.97 fps



HD SD NY-20170120-D194 POOL Trump Inauguration Crowd VIP Arrivals Oath Speech Switch 1040-1217 FEED

Trump Inauguration Cap Hill R136H 1040- 1215 170120-d194 - also see STUBCLIP with same id - just pence oath and trump oath

Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States

NBC News

Donald Trump; Mike PEnce

HD NY-20170120-D194 POOL Trump Inauguration Crowd VIP Arrivals Oath Speech Switch 1040-1217 FEED

10;40;28;15 HD NY-20170120-D194 POOL Trump Inauguration Crowd VIP Arrivals Oath Speech Switch 1040-1217 FEED

POOL2-DC222 Donald Trump Inauguration pool 2 switched feed

10;40;34;23 WARREN
10;40;35;04 overhead and level shot of senators in viewing area outside capitol building including elizabeth warren , Richard Durbin
10;40;50;04 inside capitol bulding - supreme court justice anthony kennedy walking , folllowed by Clarence Thomas
10;41;01;26 justices John Roberts Anthony Kennedy Clarence Thomas and partially seen Ruth Bader Ginsburg - waiting to walk out
10;41;39;27 wide shot of balustrade - pan up to capitol dome
10;41;48;16 ground shot slow zoom to ballustrade
10;42;10;25 Joe Manchin
10;42;18;28 Jared Kushner VAnessa Trump walking out with 2 of her children - followed by Lara Yunaska
10;42;41;28 Jared Kushner
10;42;49;26 Reince Priebus and wife Sally Sherrow walk out to balustrade
10;43;07;06 Reince Priebus and Jared Kushner chatting near podium
10;43;21;23 CU jared kushner
10;43;36;10 CU lara yunaska ( lara trump )
10;44;24;00 high shot of crowd
10;45;01;09 president Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter walking in hallway
10;45;28;10 supreme court justices walk out - John Roberts - Anthony Kennedy - Clarence Thomas - Ruth Bader Ginsburg sonia sotomayor samuel alito stephen breyer- lots of switches from wide to tight
10;46;49;18 crowd shots - public
10;47;00;10 kushner Lara and Vanessa chatting
10;47;46;21 Jimmy Carter Rosalynn Carter - waiting to walk out
10;49;02;09 senators barrasso - cornyn
10;49;20;09 CABINET WALKING IN HALLWAY - Nikki Haley and husband Michael Haley walking in hallway - ryan zinke with wife Lolita Zinke - Rick Perry and wife anita thigpen perry - wilber ross and wife hilary geary - Jeff Sessions and wife Mary Blackshear
10;49;43;16 cabinet walking down steps in capitol hallway - Tom Price - Ben Carson and wife Candy Rustin - Rex Tillerson and wife Renda St clair
10;50;10;11 Bill Clinton and Hillary Clilnton walking in hallway - hillary with hand on bill's arm
10;51;00;16 Bill and Hillary walking down steps
10;51;34;23 waiting to walk out
10;52;31;27 George W Bush and Laura Bush arrive behind the clintons - waiting
10;52;39;18 Bill and Hillary walking in hallway
10;52;53;11 George W Bush CU - Laura Bush waiting
10;53;38;06 Steven Mnuchin and Louise Linton outside walking down steps slowly
10;54;06;15 David Clarke in hat
10;54;53;09 jib shot over vip crowd to dome
10;54;55;23 color guard entrance
10;56;14;11 Jimmy Carter Rosalynn Carter walkout
10;57;33;08 switch shots various congressmen and senators - Steve King - trent lott
10;57;43;19 overhead shot of motorcade on avenue
10;58;00;07 trumpet player
10;58;16;07 Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton walkout
10;58;43;26 Hillary Kiss Jimmy Carter
10;59;16;18 Hillary carter laughing smiling, waving
10;59;37;18 Chris Christie
11;00;15;04 ground shot of public cheering george w bush
11;00;21;03 George W Bush Laura Bush walkout
11;00;51;21 W Bush hug with clarence thomas
11;02;13;09 Michelle Obama, Melania Trump standing next to limos
11;02;50;00 donald trump barack obama getting out of limo and into capitol in driveway
11;03;08;21 overhead shot trump and obama standing together handshaking and walking in driveway
11;03;40;01 Donald Trump Barack Obama walking in hallway - handshaking with Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin Mccarthy - Barack Obama Kiss Nancy Pelosi
11;03;55;24 obama and trump pass camera waving
11;04;23;26 Joe Biden Jill biden walk past camera
11;04;34;20 Charles Schumer walks past camera
11;04;43;20 marine one helicopter on other side of capitol building
11;04;52;28 Trump family walking in hallway - Ivanka Trump Eric Trump Donald Trump Jr Tiffany Trump Barron Trump
11;05;43;03 Trump family walking down steps
11;06;51;09 balustrade pans - vip crowd shots wide
11;07;21;29 Trump family walkout - Ivanka - Eric , Donald Jr , Tiffany, Barron
11;07;36;04 Hillary and Bill clapping
11;08;04;11 Trump family taking seats
11;08;31;23 Jared Kushner with Ivanka - Vanessa
11;09;15;01 wide panning shot of big crowd near capitol building
11;09;23;15 ground crowd shots CU - young girls waving and dancing - fist pumping, jib shots of crowd waving
11;09;51;12 more crowd shots - waving, smiling etc
11;10;01;26 overhead shot of washington monument and crowd on national mall
11;10;31;22 trump family
11;10;36;02 balustrade slow zoom to doors
11;11;00;02 Ivanka barron and family
11;11;43;14 ground crowd shots
11;11;43;24 ground crowd shots waving
11;11;59;15 slow overhead pan of crowd from jib
11;12;15;19 ground shot crowd waving - veteran in uniform
11;12;31;12 wider overhead pan of crowd near capitol
11;12;44;26 trump family
11;13;19;21 wide overhead from top center of balustrade behind flag - slow zoom to flag and crowd
11;13;42;06 Hillary
11;13;58;06 Hillary Clinton George W Bush chatting
11;14;00;16 Bill Clinto CU - pull out
11;14;22;05 Jib shot over crowd
11;14;50;24 Michelle Obama Jill Biden walking in hallway - iris Weinschall paul pelosi and Kelly Fado walking ahead of them
11;16;24;14 Rick Perry salutes somebody
11;16;35;09 crowd shots older women
11;16;50;16 Bernie Sanders sitting next to John McCain
11;17;15;28 Kelly Fado walkout - iris Weinschaull and Paul Pelosi walkout
11;17;26;00 Michelle Obama Jill Biden walkout
11;18;11;19 Michelle and jill near hillary clinton and george w bush - bill clinton
11;19;07;11 overhead shot of crowd from behind dome flag - widens out to see national mall too
11;19;16;08 Jimmy Carter behind Michelle obama
11;19;44;15 group of women including Elaine Chao walking in hallway
11;19;50;18 Melania trump walking with military escort in hallway - Karen Pence walking with military escort
11;21;27;12 pan up balustrade
11;21;29;22 michelle, jill, w bush
11;21;39;19 Julie adams karen Haas, Abigail Blunt Janna Ryan Elaine Chao Judy Mccarthy walkout
11;21;53;20 Karen Pence walkout
11;22;01;18 MElania Trump walkout
11;22;24;13 Charles Schumer walking with Nancy Pelosi in hallway - followed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden
11;23;53;07 Melania with family
11;24;21;07 crowd shots
11;24;45;19 schumer pelosi walkout
11;24;51;28 Barack Obama Joe Biden walkout
11;25;34;07 Obama handshaking with trump family
11;25;55;19 obama talking to George W bush
11;26;02;08 jimmy carter and barack obama laughing
11;26;37;16 Obama hanshaking with supreme court justices - clarence thomas
11;26;55;24 Roy Blunt Paul Ryan Mitch Mcconnell Kevin mccarthy walking in hallway - -followed by Donald Trump
11;28;05;20 Trump waiting next to kevin mccarthy
11;28;40;25 Mike Pence Walkout
11;29;40;08 Pence handshaking with former presidents / trump family
11;30;35;21 Blunt Schumer Mcconnell ryan mccarthy Nancy pelosi walkout
11;31;42;14 Donald trump walking to door, gives thumbs up
11;32;03;29 Donald Trump walkout
11;32;18;09 kiss melania
11;32;30;17 donald trump cheek kiss michelle obama, handshake with barack obama and joe biden
11;32;51;07 Trump waving - wide crowd shots - big crowd
11;32;56;13 Trump melania standing
11;33;08;13 switched feed
11;33;20;13 Roy Blunt speaking - head on with some crowd shot switches
11;37;05;06 blunt finished - wide of balustrade
11;37;13;01 Cardinal Timothy Dolan head on with some switches to wide shot
11;37;58;10 Barack obama eyes closed in prayer
11;37;59;14 Donald Trump eyes closed for prayer
11;38;47;20 Dolan finished
11;38;50;18 Reverand Sam Rodriguez Jr sermon
11;39;14;16 trump listening
11;39;19;06 obama and w bush listening
11;40;18;16 Paula White Cain prayer
11;41;11;20 wide shot White Cain , Trump, Pence
11;42;54;14 missouri state university chorale - singing
11;46;17;18 overhead shot of crowd from behind flag - high shot - widens to national mall crowd
11;46;48;14 Roy blunt
11;47;26;23 Charles Schumer speech
11;52;41;13 Clarence Thomas Mike Pence Oath - swearing in - switched -
11;54;26;20 Mike Pence Kiss Karen Pence - hugging famly members ?
11;55;08;07 Mike pence handshaking with biden and obama
11;55;23;02 pence handshake with trump
11;55;50;02 mormon tabernacle choir sings national anthem - accompanied by united states marine band
11;57;26;23 CU us flag waving in wind - us flag beauty shot
11;58;54;14 crowd shot wide overhead from behind flag dome - national mall seen
11;59;04;28 Roy Blunt introduces John Roberts Jr
11;59;30;11 Donald Trump oath - swearing in SWITCHED
12;00;15;14 Trump handshake with roberts - Cannons fire - crowd applauding - us flag Trump hugs and kisses with family
12;00;36;29 Donald trump handshake with Obama and biden
12;01;02;18 trump waving
12;01;11;09 cannons firing gun salute
12;01;26;18 Roy Blunt introduces Donald Trump
12;01;39;10 crowd shots
12;01;51;09 Donald Trump Inauguration speech SwITCHED - mostly head on with some cutaways to crowd shots, obama listening
12;04;51;00 crowd on mall only - overhead
12;15;28;22 12:17 speech ends in progress zzmjb